Writing a Eulogy

Finding the words to pay tribute to a loved one in the form of a eulogy is not an easy task, especially at a time when you are grieving. A Celebrant will be able to assist you with writing the eulogy and will often read the eulogy at the funeral service on behalf of the family.

It would be helpful if you and your family members give some thought to the following suggestions before meeting with your Celebrant.

  • How would your loved one like to be remembered? Think of how they may describe themselves and their life.
  • A brief life history including personal, family and career milestones.
  • Relationships that were important to your loved one.
  • Accomplishments or awards.
  • Interests, sports, clubs, community involvement, hobbies and pastimes.
  • Stories or anecdotes that highlight your loved ones personality, character or sense of humour.
  • Who are the people other than the family who will be also affected by their passing.
  • What were your loved ones beliefs or life philosophies.
  • The things that you and your family most admired about your loved one. 


You may wish to read the eulogy yourself or ask a close friend or family member to do this for you. Whoever performs this task should be aware that for some people public speaking can be quite daunting, especially in an emotional setting such as a funeral. It may be a good idea to organise a support person who can take over from the person reading the eulogy in the event they find themselves unable to continue at some point during the reading. Remember your Celebrant can also help with this should the need arise.

Getting in Touch

A meaningful funeral is a personalised funeral – one that is a tribute to the life that was lived.