Post service Options (Ashes)

Deciding on the final resting place for your loved one’s ashes will often require a great deal of consideration and family discussion. At Eagars, we are not only happy to help you with advice and information to make this important decision, but also care for your loved ones ashes until you decide what is most appropriate.

Below is some helpful information that will assist you with your decision or help you carry out your loved ones final wishes.


Some families may choose to care for their loved one’s ashes themselves. In this instance we would be happy to help you choose an urn, a vessel for the storage of ashes, to help keep them safe. We have a variety of tasteful urns in many styles and materials.


Many families feel it is a fitting tribute to scatter the ashes of a loved one in a place that was special to them, perhaps a place of natural beauty such as native bush, coastal areas, public gardens or private land. When choosing an appropriate place to scatter ashes it is important to consider how your actions may affect others when making this decision. Please ensure you have permission from the land owners, local authorities or others who may have a cultural interest in the area.
Please also consider when ashes are scattered, it’s not always possible to erect a memorial, for example a plaque or a headstone, in public or privately owned places. It is also important to note that your family may not always be able to gain access to the area in perpetuity.
In some cases it will be necessary to send ashes to other parts of New Zealand or even to other countries to be scattered. When ashes are to be sent to another country, documentation specific to the destination country will need to be prepared in advance. Please let us know if you need assistance with documentation for this purpose.

Burial or Internment of Ashes

Many people are now choosing to bury or inter their loved ones ashes. Choosing this option means a memorial such as a headstone or plaque can be used to mark a specific place for family and friends to visit on special anniversaries important to them.
Many cemeteries have special plots for the interment of ashes, please contact us if you would like our help or advice on how to go about making this a reality.




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