Your life, your celebration, your way

A meaningful funeral is a personalised funeral – one that is a tribute to the life that was lived. You are unique and so is your life, so why settle for the same service as everyone else? We pride ourselves on providing a celebration of your life in a service that reflects the unique person that you are.

We aim to ensure that each funeral is an individual event. Our professional staff will provide you with all the options that will allow you to choose a service appropriate to your family needs. We respect that the choices are yours and you have the control of the nature of the funeral.

What to do when someone dies?

Eagars Funerals – Let our family care for yours

At Eagars Funerals we can empathise with families because we have walked in those shoes, we know the importance of having family around you at funerals. When we say we care for loved ones, we care for them as if they were a member of our family.


We know that it eases the pain and grief by having the ritual of a funeral service and the importance of saying goodbye in a style that best suits the family. A funeral is about getting everything right, both big and small, our ultimate aim is to have families come and say Mum and Dad would have been proud of the service we have helped them to create.

Planning your service

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