Personal Touches

There are many ideas families may choose to personalise a funeral service, below we have several suggestions that you may feel appropriate to include as a tribute to your loved one at this time of farewell. You may have ideas yourself that are particularly appropriate for your loved one. Please feel free to contact us and discuss how we can help make these ideas realities.



Having balloons at a funeral service has become a popular way to express a sense of celebration of a loved one’s life. The balloons can be released at the end of the service by family and friends as a symbolic act of letting go and enabling the progression of the grieving process. For many this a tangible way to express themselves in saying goodbye.



At the end of the service some family members may like to release doves, symbolising for some the spirit of the their loved one being set free and also symbolising peace and healing for family and friends. Releasing doves can give funeral attendees a happy memory or joyful final tribute for your loved one.


Projected Slideshows

Photographs from throughout your loved ones life can be compiled in a slideshow and projected onto a large screen at an appropriate time in the service. Often when a slideshow is played at a service people are asked to also use this as a time of quiet reflection. Music can also be added to to the slideshow.


Alternative Venues

Here at Eagars we specialise in organising funerals using alternative venues. There are many venues in and around Taranaki that can be used to conduct a funeral. Town halls, theatres and private properties are just a few examples of venues where we have facilitated funeral services. We have even organised funeral services using the Bowl of Brookland’s amphitheatre’s stage.


Video Recording

For family and friends who are overseas or unable to attend a funeral the service can be recorded on video and then made available on DVD or uploaded to the internet. People who were unable to attend can then view the video and feel they were able to be a part of the service how ever far away they are.

Alternative Forms of Transport

The choice of vehicle is a very important one, at Eagars we have a fleet of both classic and contemporary hearses. However many people may feel they have a need to express some aspect of their loved one’s life through the vehicle that is used for the their final journey. We can help to organise a wide variety of alternative transport should this be required to make this important day special to family and friends.


Placing Personal Items on the Casket

In addition to flowers, some families choose to place an item personal to their loved one on the casket. These items can range from an item of clothing, sports equipment or something relevant from the person’s career or occupation. In the case of keen gardeners, sometimes an arrangement of fresh vegetables will be used instead of flowers.


Memorial Books

Families are welcome to supply their own memorial book if they would like. If you are having a smaller gathering this works well, however for larger funerals we recommend memorial books that can have the pages separated. We can then place pages in multiple locations at the entrance to your venue,  allowing several people to sign it at once which reduces congestion. Your Funeral Director can discuss this with you. We personalise our memorial books with selected photos from the slide show, photos that we take of the casket spray and copies of the newspaper notices along with the information of who was involved with the service. These are a wonderful keepsake for families.


Service Sheets

We have a variety of options for personalised service sheets. We don’t work from set templates which gives families the freedom to choose photos, backgrounds and the style of the service sheet. All of our printing is completed onsite which allows more freedom with finalising sheets.