Hearse Fleet

A hearse is one of the more visible elements of a funeral service. For many attending a funeral, seeing the deceased’s casket in a hearse reinforces the moment. We believe that it is important to offer families choices when arranging a funeral service for a loved one, and the choice of hearse can be an important one. At Eagars Funeral Services we have a fleet of three hearses to cater to the needs of the families we look after. We have a modern Ford Falcon, classic Pontiac Parisienne and the most recent addition is a Daimler DS420.

1965 Pontiac Parisienne

This vehicle was brought into New Zealand from the United States. It has a classic American look, but without being too ostentatious as many newer American hearses tend to be.

1988 Daimler DS420

Vehicles don’t get any more British than Daimler. Daimler has been the vehicle of choice for the Royal Family and UK Government for over 50 years. The lines of the Daimler are instantly recognisable and point to distinction and royalty with ease. This model hearse was made most famous for carrying the late Princess Diana through the crowded streets of London in 1997.

2000 Ford Falcon Forte

The Ford Falcon Forte is a quintessential Australian/New Zealand vehicle. Most Kiwis seem to have at some stage owned a Ford and consequently this is the hearse we use most often.