Pre-paid funerals

As it has become more acceptable for people to talk openly about death, the number of people planning for and paying for their funeral ahead of time has increased.



  • Relieves your family of the financial stress of funeral expenses.
  • Ensures your personal wishes regarding your own funeral are documented and that these wishes are respected.
  • Protects your investment against inflation (increase in funeral costs).
  • Interest accumulated is tax-paid and does not affect any pension or superannuation you receive.
  • Investments up to $10,000 are exempt from the asset test for a rest home subsidy.
  • Are simple to arrange and relieve your family of much of the emotional stress at the time of your death.
  • Your investment remains in your name with a substantial and successful company providing security for your funds and freedom of choice, should you choose to live elsewhere.


Pre Planning

Click here to go to our contact page, here you can fill in a form that starts the process of gathering details for planning a funeral in advance. Alternatively please phone to arrange a convenient time for one of our Funeral Directors to visit you at your home, or you may like to call into one of our offices for an obligation-free discussion.